Port Students Present Innovative Solutions for Reducing Single-use Plastics on Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, students from Paul D. Schreiber High School and Carrie P. Weber Middle School presented ideas for reducing single-use plastics to all elementary students throughout the district. The event, held on Friday, April 21st, 2023, highlighted the dangers single use plastics present to our environment along with the small changes children and their families can make to tackle the plastic pollution crisis.


The students presented a variety of solutions, including the use of reusable containers for food and beverages, the adoption of compostable materials, and the implementation of recycling programs. They also emphasized the importance of educating the community about the harmful effects of single-use plastics on the environment.


The assemblies were purposely designed to be delivered by high school and middle school students so younger students could envision who they can become one day. Attendees were impressed by the students' knowledge and passion for the issue.


"The students' presentations were both informative and inspiring," said Dr. Ira Pernick, Administrator for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Port Washington and the organizer of the assemblies. "It's heartening to see young people taking a leadership role in tackling this critical issue."


The event was a reminder that small actions can have a big impact, and that everyone has a role to play in protecting the planet. The students' ideas are a testament to the power of innovation and creativity in addressing complex environmental challenges.


Port Washington School District is committed to promoting environmental sustainability and empowering students to become leaders in their communities. For more information about the Port Washington Union Free School District, please visit the district’s website at www.portnet.org and ‘like’/‘follow’ our Facebook/Instagram page @PortWashSchools.



Leila Kahi, Brady Bailley, and Megan Zhou presenting at Manorhaven Elementary School.




Paul D. Schreiber students Alessandra Irons and Rianna Baecher present at Sousa Elementary School.