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About Pre-Kindergarten

Address: Daly Elementary School
Phone: 516-767-4950

Pre-Kindergarten Mission Statement 

The Pre-Kindergarten Program is a family-oriented program which emphasizes both the classroom experience for the child and the parent involvement in education. Parent involvement includes participation in the classroom for special events, such as the Child of the Week experience. In addition, parents learn how to participate in their child's education in the school setting. Parents become decision-makers with the assistance of the Pre-Kindergarten Social Worker.


Please take a few moments to check out our website. It shows the many ways we reach out to children, parents, and the community to establish a positive learning environment at an early age. The Pre-Kindergarden program throughout the year offers diverse experiences to support and encourage the growth of the children. Our dynamic staff can help address any questions or concerns you may have.

Parent, Volunteer, and VisitorFeedback In Their Own Words 
Support Services
  • It is helpful to have a person to address individual issues or concerns and coordinate between helpful resources.
  • No matter how often I call or trivial the question, (as a parent) I am glad to have a familiar and friendly welcoming voice greeting me.
  • It is an invaluable asset to have a knowledgeable source for parents to get information about allergies, nutrition and child development.
  • They all work extensively with parents to develop supporting roles and nurturing relationships. Helped us grow as a family (including siblings).
Incorporating NonTraditional Forms Of Learning In The Classroom
  • Their creativity inspires the kids to try new things and make them feel good about their work.
  • With art supplies and a guitar, there are always happy sounds – singing, poetry reading or storytelling in the classroom.
  • Time with their kids in class makes learning so much fun! The children think of it as a favorite activity and not ‘English class’.
  • The shows put on be kids use dance and movement to express themselves. Kids also recite poetry as a form of expression.

Delivering Maximum Individual Attention To Each Student

  • Encouraging their every effort, putting lots of time into activities that will help them learn.
  • They take the time to know their students thoroughly! They know their favorite color, food, song, what they enjoy the most in the classroom, and what they do best. They know my child better than me!
  • There is always so much going on in the classroom! The teacher and educational assistants work great together to keep track of everything.
In Summary...
  • The kids have such wonderful experiences and learn so much!
  • The children are ready for Kindergarten when they leave Pre-Kindergarten. Their diverse experiences in Pre-Kindergarten really helped!
  • The room looks beautiful and every child gets special attention. They all work VERY hard thinking about what is best for the children in the class!