Daly Elementary School's Successful One School / One Book Program

The Port Washington School District is thrilled to share the success of Daly Elementary School's recently concluded 8th annual One School / One Book program. Thanks to the generous funding provided by Daly’s Home and School Association (HSA), every K-5 family and classroom at Daly received a copy of the captivating book "Because of the Rabbit" by Cynthia Lord. This initiative aimed to foster a love for reading and create a shared literary experience within the school community.


Throughout the program, students at Daly Elementary School actively engaged in various book-related activities that enhanced their understanding and enjoyment of the story. One of the highlights was the daily trivia contest, where students had the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and win exciting prizes. This activity not only encouraged critical thinking and comprehension skills but also sparked friendly competition among the students.


To make the program even more special, Daly Elementary welcomed a new member to its school community. The introduction of our very own pet bunny, affectionately named "Winston," in the school library added a touch of charm and excitement to the One School / One Book program. Winston's presence created a warm and inviting atmosphere, captivating the students' interest and further immersing them in the book's themes and setting.


Additionally, Daly Elementary organized a fundraiser as part of the program, providing students with a chance to showcase their artistic talents. Students designed and purchased their own buttons, with the proceeds dedicated to supporting the Sweet Briar Nature Center, a deserving organization located in Smithtown, NY. By combining creativity and philanthropy, the students not only enjoyed expressing themselves but also contributed to a worthy cause.


The Port Washington School District commends Daly Elementary School for the outstanding success of their One School / One Book program. It is heartwarming to see the entire school community come together to celebrate the joy of reading and engage in enriching activities. This program has not only fostered a love for literature among the students but has also instilled a sense of community and compassion through their support of the Sweet Briar Nature Center. Congratulations to the students, faculty, staff, and the Daly Elementary community for a job well done. Way to go, Daly!



Ms. Hoffman's class


Students receiving prizes in the library

daly osob



making buttosn

Students making buttons in the Daly library