Typical Routines throughout the Week in Pre-K

Daily Routines:   

  • Unpacking/packing backpacks.
  • Taking off/putting on coats.
  • Taking out/putting in personal belongings
  • Signing in/signing out.
  • Morning meeting (Daily schedule, Attendance, Weather and Calendar).
  • Read alouds (picture books, both fiction/non-fiction).
  • Shared reading (poems and songs).
  • Learning Centers.
  • Outdoor play, movement activities, rest-time.
  • Daily Special (Gym, Art, Music, Library).

Learning Center Examples:  

  • Math center (games, hands on experiences).
  • Literacy center (name practice, letter work, exploring books).
  • Science center (hands on experiments, non-fiction topics).
  • Block/Building Center (wood blocks, magnets, legos).
  • Art Center (daily art experiences that connect to learning).
  • Table Top Activities (puzzles, playdoh, fine motor skill work).
  • Ipad work (math games, handwriting and number practice, etc.).

Getting your Child/Children Ready for School 

To help your child get ready for success at school, below are a few suggestions:

Establish daily routines at home:

  • Make sure your child is well rested. Children need 10-12 hours

         of sleep daily. We recommend a 7-8pm bedtime.

  • Provide a nutritious breakfast each morning.
  • Allow plenty of time to eat, brush teeth and dress before 

         the school bus comes.

Help your child with self-help skills:

  • Teach them to take off and put on their coats and sneakers.
  • Make sure they can use the bathroom independently.
  • Practice wiping and blowing their noses.
  • Practice on taking off a mask properly (if needed).
  • Teach them good hand washing habits.

Children’s clothing:

  • Should be appropriate for the weather.
  • Loose fitting and comfortable. 
  • Sneakers preferable.
  • Easy to manage on their own. 

LABEL all clothing before it comes to school:

To ensure your child’s belongings come home each day, please put your child’s name on all their belongings. 

Items that should have labels: 

Children’s coats, sweatshirts, gloves/mittens, school bags, extra clothes. 

If clothes are sent home soiled, please replace them as soon as possible with labeled clothes.