Pre-K Transportation

Bus Passes:

Bus passes will not be issued until all required forms have been completed and submitted. 

The bus pass will show your child/children’s bus stop location, time the bus will arrive in the am/pm and name of your child's teacher.  Please leave ample time in the morning so your child does not miss the bus. Please also make sure you are at the bus stop promptly at pick up time.

Bus Procedures:

Parents or guardians are required to meet the bus after school at pick up time.  Parents need to provide the school with the name/s of the adult/s authorized to pick up their child from the bus stop.

*Parents are advised to be at the bus stop at least ten minutes prior to the drop off time shown on the bus pass. If your child is not met at the bus stop by a parent or an authorized guardian, the bus will return them to the main office at the John J Daly School at the end of their route. If you fail to meet the bus multiple times, the bus company may revoke your child’s bus privileges.

Please note that if there is inclement weather the bus may arrive late. The safety of the children is our priority. This may also occur during the start of the school year as children adjust to the separation. 

Change to Pick up at the Bus:

If there is a change in who picks your child up at the bus stop please send a note that morning to the teacher and call the Pre-k office before 10:00am. 

Change of Address or Bus location drop off:

A Change of Address/Child Care Request form (see attached). Both of the pages must be filled out and returned to your teacher asap.  The Pre-K secretary will send it to transportation for processing.  This could take up to two weeks for the change to take place.