Arrival and Dismissal

All students that are assigned a bus are strongly encouraged to use that as their primary source of transportation.   If bus transportation is not an option, please review the following safety rules on drop off and pick up: 
  • Drop-off begins no earlier than 7:50 am.  Cars must access Rockwood Avenue from Highfield Avenue and line up along the yellow curb marked ‘Student Drop Off’ that ends at the start of the bus driveway.  Do not exit cars.  Allow your child to exit the car from the curb side of the car only.  Do not block the bus driveway and do not allow your children to exit the car and walk across the bus driveway 
* If you need to exit the car for any reason, you must pull up beyond the drop off area, park your car against the curb and turn it off, and then safely help your child to exit the car and go onto the curb by the side of the car. 

Bus Assigned:

This is the bus assigned by transportation. If necessary, please make arrangements to have someone at the bus stop waiting. The bus driver is solely responsible for getting the child safely to the stop. They are not responsible for making sure there is someone waiting. 



Your child can be released from the Library/Art door: the door facing Shadyside Avenue that is located between the library and the art room, by the art room porch. 


“Released to an adult” means that your child will not be allowed to leave the building unless a recognized adult comes to the door. 


“Without adult” means your child will be allowed to leave on their own. 


Car Pickup:

Parents will be allowed to pick up their children by car ONLY from the bus driveway. Students will be waiting inside and released as the cars pull up. Please be sure to attach a sign with your child’s name to the passenger side window. No child will be released to a parent not in the car. If a parent wishes to pick up a student other than by car, then they should select “walker” as the dismissal option. 


Kidsport (Port Washington Children’s Center), Spectrum, JCC, Port After School, and Friends Together: These are after-school programs in which one needs to be enrolled. These buses leave from Daly at the end of the school day. 



Car Pick Up – Line up facing south at Shadyside/Avenue C stop sign (X), follow arrows when directed to bus driveway 

Walkers – park car and meet students at walker door (W)