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Dignity at Daly!

Daly's Dignity Act Coordinators:

Dr. Sheri Suzzan, School Principal
Mrs. Casey Horowitz , School Counselor
Dr. Ericka Bloomfield, School Psychologist 

How is Daly Elementary addressing DASA?

  • Our staff formed a collegial circle this summer, coming together weekly, they developed a comprehensive Positive Behavior Reinforcement Plan called the S.T.A.R.R. Program. It integrates Character Education and the DASA guidelines for the prevention of and response to bullying, harassment, and discrimination.
  • Our Character Education program meets the character development provisions of DASA. This program allows our staff to integrate lessons and environmental strategies that specifically teach, tolerance, acceptance, civility, and dignity for all.
  • Daly Elementary is creating awareness about DASA as much as possible. We are creating opportunities for staff, students, and parents,  to learn about this law.
  • Daly has appointed DASA Coordinators in our building.
  • Daly is participating in data collection in order to track incidents of discrimination, harassment, and bullying, as required by New York State. This data is recorded confidentially, and will help us to provide better prevention programming for our students so that Daly can be a safe environment for every student.

We are, Safe. Truthful. Accepting. Respectful. Responsible.
We are, Daly S.T.A.R.R.s and we believe in dignity for all students!